Home & Garden Expo 2018 – Decorating Contest

This month I was chosen to be part of the Home & Garden Expo’s Decorating Contest in Second Life. I was chosen to decorate Also Known As – Kaizen Home and I am so happy to be chosen to be part of this competition. I had a great time decorating this home and pushing myself out of my usual norms to do so.

Kaizen House is a gorgeous modern home unlike anything else you’ve seen in SL. This beautiful home includes both simplistic and detailed modern design with beautiful texturing and unique features. It’s absolutely stunning and I am so impressed with Reven’s work on this home. It’s very much a showstopper.

Kaizen House reminds me of a gorgeous home you would see in an Architecture Magazine or blog. A gorgeous modern home built into nature that makes both earth and stone harmonious.  Where a couple has built a beautiful piece of land in the country within driving distance to Seoul.  Where the mountains and river are the perfect framed photos beyond the windows.  Owned by a couple that loves to live green and be one with nature while appreciating the beauty of modern architecture. Who wish to have nature both inside and out.

So when decorating, I decorated it as that couple.

He is a talented designer and architect who is happy to own and live in this one of a kind art piece. He works from home most days to have peace of mind and quiet to give him the zen he needs to work. She is a talented chef who loves to work with fresh grown food and herbs from her own garden.  The home is complete with a gorgeous home office that gives him a beautiful view of the earth around him and spots to display his work and space for his painting hobby to grow as well. She has created a modern kitchen that is surrounded by plants and her own wall mounted hydroponic garden complete with fresh strawberries for her favorite desserts.  An open design that outlooks to their beautiful zen garden and a modern living room for guests to gather while she cooks.  Upstairs they have a beautiful soaking tub to relax in after a long day of work and spend romantic candle lit time together with a gorgeous view of the mountains and river just off their private deck that has steps leading to the roof where they enjoy events with friends or romantic picnics alone, stargazing at night.

I loved creating this beautiful home.

Items that were used are:


[ Organica ] Calathea Plant (RFL Purple)
[ Organica ] Calathea Plant (RFL Pink)
Galland Homes – Hope Planter (RFL Vendor)

Also at Home & Garden Expo:
Culprit – Stone Buddha
also Known as – Kaizen Fences
also Known as – Kaizen  Benches, Planters, and Fire Pit
*nacht* – Ladder Moon

Botanical – Boxwood Hedges
D’STOPIAN – Bamboo
Headhunters Island – Bamboo


At Home & Garden Expo:
Jian – Goldfish Bamboo Fountain Pot
ROIRO – Cafe
ROIROROIRO – Potted Tree’s
Culprit – PrrrmBah 2.0 Sphynxie Yakuza
[ Organica ] – Renfrew Kitchen

Soy – Mashroom Planter
BIGBULLY – City Map Prints
NEWCHURCH – Chronos Wall Clock
Mulloy – Lago Set (available at Illuminate)
Fancy Decor – Retro Sofa
Fancy Decor – Mid Century Console
Fancy Decor – Timber Table
Fancy Decor – Gold Circle Lamp
Fancy Decor – Geometric Bear
Fancy Decor – Marble Lamp
Fancy Decor – Black Framed Ferns
Fancy Decor – Birch Candles
*PAN* – Hydroponics Indoor Garden & Hydroponic Fountain (same set)

*note a lot of items from downstairs are also used upstairs*

Available at Home & Garden Expo:
JIAN – Wicker Forest Cat

Other Places:
SAYO – Isabel Velvet Lounger
SAYO – Modern Morroco Set Lamps, Night Table, & Rug
Fancy Decor – Minimal Concrete Table
Fancy Decor – Clasp Boxes
Fancy Decor – Gold Cage Lamp
SOY – Easel Sets (Artwork by Jacob Nam (jangmilee)
Serenity Style – Draftsmen Set
Kraftwork – Suspended Cabinet Set
Kraftwork – Marfa Chalkboard
.revival. – Boho Bed
BackBone – Bath Bliss
ROIRO – “Uekimuro” Middle tree pot & Hanging Plants (gacha)

*More photos will be added soon*




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